5. Juni / Scene Not Heard

22:00 Uhr

von Maori Karmael Holmes
USA 2005, 45 min, Dokumentation

Mit ihrem Film "Szene Not Heard" will Maori Karmael Holmes den Fokus auf die Frauen richten, die in Philadelphias HipHop Szene aktiv sind. Denn für Maori sind Frauen eine Art unsichtbares Rückgrat von HipHop und auch als Zielgruppe relevant für die HipHop-Industrie. Trotzdem wird dies gerne ausgeblendet und die Frauen werden selten in ihrem Aktivismus wahrgenommen.

Philadelphia hat eine große und kreative HipHop-Szene, die viele Rapperinnen, Vocalkünstlerinnen, Dichterinnen und weibliche DJs hervorgebracht hat. Dieser Besonderheit von Philly geht die Dokumentation nach. In "Szene Not Heard" lernen wir mehr über Lady B, Schoolly D , Rennie Harris, Bahamadia, Ursula Rucker, the Jazzyfatnastees, Ms. Jade, Lady Alma oder Versus, aber auch Journalistinnen und Promoterinnen kommen zu Wort.

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The word "scene" in the title of my film refers to an old Southern adage my grandmother often said about the necessity of children being "seen" and not "heard"--as if they get in the way. In my own experiences in hip hop culture as an artist, promoter, fan, and scholar, it has occurred to me that for many, women often get treated as if we also get in the way. The ironic aspect to an often misogynistic and paternalistic "b-boy culture" is that women are a major buying force and fanbase within hip hop. As Schoolly D says in his interview "guys wouldn't come to a party if there were only going to be other guys!". I wanted to make this film to reflect not only the many faces of women in the crowd but also to give voice to the artists and promoters who keep the industry wheels turning. " Maori Karmael Holmes– September 2005

Philadelphia is often referred to as the mecca for American soul music, but right from the beginning of the hip hop movement, its artists have made major contributions as emcees, graf artists, dancers, and especially as deejays (e.g. Cash Money, Jazzy Jeff, King Britt). Native talents such as Will Smith, The Roots, and Eve have made great strides domestically and internationally, but somehow Philly still doesn't get the kind of props of a city like Los Angeles or even Atlanta. However, one of the most unique aspects to the Philadelphia hip hop scene is the proliferation of women that it has produced as emcees, vocalists, poets and deejays.

Scene Not Heard seeks to tell the story of these women—the legends, the famed, and the ingénues—as they struggle to succeed in a male-dominated industry. Scene Not Heard features interviews with some of the originators such as Lady B, Schoolly D and Rennie Harris, with vanguards chiming in including Bahamadia and Ursula Rucker, and presents current talents such as the Jazzyfatnastees, Ms. Jade, and Lady Alma, and emerging talents such as Versus, Keen of Subliminal Orphans and Michele Byrd-McPhee of Montäzh, as well as scholars, critics and local promoters.

Scene Not Heard

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